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What's On iGraver

Fandango Border
Fast and fun to cut! Another one for jewelry, but works on other items too.

Nick & Round border
It's quick to cut and sparkles like crazy. A great border for jewelry or other applications.

Shading Variations
Add interest and beauty to your work by shading in different ways.

Crossed Ribbon
Liven up your borders with this little beauty.

Drawing Leaf Script
It's not difficult once you learn these easy steps.

Running Wheat Border
A border that's been around forever, yet still popular with engravers (and customers). Here are some tips to show you how this classic is engraved.

Image Transfer Information for Engravers
What do you get when you cross a retired medical reseracher with a generous engraver who's out to study and document the many ways of computer transfers? Download Waldemar Schimdt's PDF and find out!

Coat of Arms
Follow along on a 25-photo tutorial of engraving a signet ring. They're challenging, exasperating, require a different approach than what you may be used to, and they'll make you a better engraver.

Gold Overlays
16 photo tutorial: Make beautiful raised gold designs in a fraction of the time of a conventional inlay.

Making Wire for Inlay
Award winning goldsmith Mike Cirelli's step-by-step photo tutorial of making gold wire from scratch.

Clowning Around
An extremely cool hobo nickel by Bob Finlay.

Rex Pedersen's stippling technique
Learn one of Rex's stippled background treatments in gun engraving.

Repairing Slips
It's not a question of if, but a question of when. Learn what causes slips and how to repair them.

Stipple Shading
Create beautiful shaded lettering with your stippling tool.

Slower stroke speeds
Faster ain't always better, folks!

Gold Wire Inlay Tip
Gold wire too thin for the channel you cut? Not to worry! This tip can be a real timesaver.

Links of Importance
Sources for many of the hard-to-find items used by engravers.

Free Round Gravers
Not free, but close to it, and boy do they cut!

Hammer & Chisel Effects
Perfect for restoration projects or the classic look of hammer & chisel engraving.

FREE Classified Ads
Have something for sale or trade? List it on iGraver's new Classified Ads pages.

Your Own Website
What? You don't have a website? Not to worry! Find out how easy it is to have a nice looking and VERY inexpensive site to host your photos, bio, contact info, and more.

Student Photo Gallery
See some of my student's work.

Photoshop Tricks
Learn to manipulate and improve photos of your work.

Blackening Engraving
Darken your engraving for high contrast.

Copying Another Engraver's Work
It's not as flattering as you might think.

Link to iGraver.com
Use the handy link button on your website.

Ten Common Engraving Mistakes
We've all made them, and here's what to look out for.

New Life for Old Laps
Don't throw away those worn diamond laps! Use them for even faster graver sharpening.

Intersecting Lines
Line depth can be critically important when two cuts intersect. Find out why.

Cutting Straight Lines
Straight lines and borders are very unforgiving. Learn to cut 'em straight with this handy tip.