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Engraving a Coat of Arms

After lightly outlining, a square graver is rolled to the inside and several passes are made around the parameter of the shield. As I work around the parameter, I pay particular attention to the side walls, and keep them sharp and well defined. I'm using the GRS 901 handpiece.
The bulk of the shield is removed with the square graver, and I strive for consistent depth. If I should bury the graver in one spot, this can really complicate things later, so I carefully work my way down to the appropriate depth.
The shield is now ready for leveling with a flat graver. I should add that each line was back-cut, and note the clean, sharp walls.
Switching a #42 flat graver mounted in the GRS Magnum handpiece, the shield is leveled by many cuts in different directions. As in the previous steps, I'm very careful not to cut too deeply in one place. If this should happen, I must lower the entire shield.

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