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Crossed Ribbon
I begin by engraving my border lines and placing a dot at the center of where the ribbon is to be located. I then draw a diamond shape around the dot. If the diamond is too small, the ribbon will be very thin.
Using the diamond as my guide, I create the crossed ribbon. Keep in mind that the lines are not stratight, but have a gentle S-shape.
When cutting the outline, I start my cuts inside the border lines and cut inward. Remember that the lines are curved which will make the ribbon appear to wrap around leaves.
For this demonstration I'm using a classic running wheat border. There are a number of decorative borders which you can use with the crossed ribbon, and I encourage you to experiment.
Now that the leaves are cut, border lines are engraved on the ribbons. Also, the small triangular background areas at the top and bottom of the ribbon are darkened with a few horizontal cuts.
The top ribbon's top half is shaded from right to left. Note that the shade cuts start long at the right and get shorter toward the left. I then flip the work around and repeat the process on the bottom portion of the top ribbon.
Portions of the lower ribbon are shaded near the borders.

The final shading is cut where the ribbons cross and a bit of crosshatching is applied. I should add that this example is 3mm high and has been blackened.

All work done with a GRS GraverMach and Monarch handpiece.

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