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Gold Overlay

After securing the outside edges, the rest of the gold is driven into the toothed surface. In this photo, a square graver is used to trim the gold back to the borders. Care must be used to avoid scratching and nicking the steel surrounding the overlay.
Clear tape is placed over the overlay and trimmed to allow the overlay to come through. This protects the surrounding steel while the overlay is stoned smooth with a diemaker's stone and lamp oil lubricant. I use 320, 400, and 600 grit rapid breakdown stones from Gesswein in size 1/4" x 6". I keep my stones soaking in lamp oil all the time.
After stoning to remove punch marks, the gold is block sanded with 600 grit paper.
The design is engraved onto the gold and background is removed by outlining the background area with a square graver 3 or 4 times until you cut through the gold. This allows the small background areas to be taken out. I still have clear tape protecting the surrounding steel.

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