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Free Round Gravers


Ok, maybe they're not free, but they're close to being free. GRS instructor Tod Daniels came up with an idea of recycling worn beading tools by converting them into round gravers. Clamp the beading tool into your sharpening fixture and sharpen the face angle of your choice (in my case 45º). The tapered portion of the beading tool serves as a heel which can be easily polished on a piece of tooling leather treated with diamond spray. That's all there is to it.

round graver

I have found that these tools cut exceptionally well and produce beautiful mirror-like brightcuts, even in steel. Most jewelers can amass a large assortment of beading tool round gravers in a very short time.


  • They're almost free, polish well, cut beautifully, and simple to make into a variety of sizes.

  • Since they're round, it takes a minute to re-orient in a Dual Angle Sharpening Fixture. A fixture that accommodates GRS QC tool holders makes resharpening faster.
  • As you resharpen your beading tool round gravers, they will grow wider and wider as they become shorter, so the size will change slightly. Tutorial end