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Hammer & Chisel Effect with the GraverMach

In gun restoration, the engraver is often commissioned to recut engraving that's been field-worn or damaged during refinishing. Many older guns were engraved by hammer & chisel, and recutting with a GraverMax or GraverMach can result in a slight mismatch, with the recutting being smoother than the original work.

In a recent conversation about slower stroke speeds, GRS instructor Chris DeCamillis told me about hammer-like results he had gotten using a classic GRS 710 handpiece attached to the GraverMach and running at the slowest speed of 400 strokes per minute. I tried it and it works great.

If you'd need the hammer & chisel look for a restoration project, or just like the classic look of the tiny chisel steps, attach at 710 handpiece to your 'Mach, turn the strokes down to 400, and adjust the regulator for a nice, crisp tap. The photo below shows a scroll sample cut with in this way.

hammer and chisel effect

The GraverMach is a powerful engraving machine, and users report enhanced performance and controlability. For deep sculpting of steel it's slow speeds and power simply cannot be beaten. Remember folks...faster ain't always better. Tutorial end