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Links of Importance

GRS Tools - Manufacturer of the GraverMach, GraverMax, sharpening systems, vises, and other products. Engraving and stonesetting classes taught by some of the finest craftsmen in the world. From beginner to Grand Master, the GRS Training Center is the place to begin your engraving journey. GRS has done more to promote the art of hand engraving that anyone else in history.

Emporia State University - Want a degree in engraving arts? The only one of its kind in the world. Check it out!

Rio Grande - The most complete supplier to the jewelry industry. An excellent source for tools, equipment, and supplies. Their catalog is a must-have for every engraver. I've been a happy Rio customer since 1980.

Stuller - From tools to loose stones, findings, and everything else pertaining to jewelry. Having a retail store is required to purchase some items, but nearly everything else is available to all. A great company to deal with.

Hoover & Strong - My source for 24k gold and other items. Get their catalog.

Alexandre School - In the heart of the Antwerp diamond district in Belgium, the Alexandre School of Optical Setting is the place to become a world class stonesetter of the highest caliber. Alexandre also hosts GRS engraving classes, and his school is absolutely first class.

New Approach School for Jewelers - Blaine Lewis is an industry professional with a fabulous school in Virgina. Learn everything pertaining to jewelry from wax carving to stone setting. His innovative techniques and instructional videos have set a new benchmark in jewelry training.

Gesswein - Jewelers supplies and equipment. I've been using their diemaker's stones for many years. An excellent source for many items used by engravers.

Brownell's - Gunsmith supply with many hard-to-find items. If you're interested in gun engraving, a Brownell's catalog is a must-have.

FEGA - The Firearms Engravers Guild of America. An excellent resource for gun engravers, and a good place to meet and share information with other engravers. Their yearly show in Reno which is definitely worth attending.

Kate Wolf Designs - With her own line of tools and wax, Kate Wolf is the wax carving guru to the masses. If you're interested in wax carving, attend one of her classes which are strategically located two blocks from Casco Bay in the beautiful state of Maine.

EngraversStudio - Chris DeCamillis' site which offers online classes, videos on bulino engraving, tutorials, tips, and a lot more.

SandraBradyArt - Beautiful world class scrimshaw on jewelry, gun grips, custom knives, and much more.