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Engraving a Coat of Arms


After the graver work, rapid breakdown moldmaker's stones are used to smooth the shield. These stones are available from Gesswein, and I use 320, 400, and 600 grit. The dimensions of this stone is 4" x 1/8" square, but I also use 6" x 1/4" size for larger jobs. To shape the stone I use a 360-grit GRS Gator sharpening wheel on the PowerHone. This wheel is part of the GRS industrial product line, and not found in their catalog of engraving equipment.
The shield has been stoned to remove graver marks and is ready for burnishing.
A homemade carbide burnisher smoothes the shield and removes the marks left by stoning. I'm not trying to achieve a bright burnish, just a smooth bottom in the shield.
With clean, sharp sidewalls and a flat bottom, it's time to add the helmet.

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